2019 -- 18th Moscow International Youth Festival

18th Moscow International Youth Festival
Sept 2, 2019

18th Moscow International Youth Festival - Contest in Circus Arts
Yan Yan Zhao worked as an international judge at the Festival.
Urs Pilz
President, The Federation
Mondiale du Cirque,
The European Circus Association,
Vice-President, The Monte-Carolo International Circus Festival (Monaco)
GOLDEN ELEPHANT - For the Water Meteor Dalian Acrobatic Troupe of China!

2018-2019 -- America's Got Talent

Performing at America's Got Talent

2018-2019 -- NBA

Performing at an NBA game

2014-2015 -- Cache Creek

Performing at Cache Creek Casino
Dec 24, 2014 - Apr 10, 2015

Imperial Acrobats of China Set for Extended Run through March 2 Featuring Five Shows Weekly at Cache Creek Casino Resort
Brooks, Calif. – The world-famous Imperial Acrobats of China return to Cache Creek Casino Resort
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2014 May - Chi of Shaolin at The Royal Opera House

Performing at The Royal Opera House
May 2014

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2014 Panda!

Performing in Las Vegas

An unprecedented theatrical spectacle, PANDA! will take audiences on an epic journey with its world premiere at The Palazzo Theater. "PANDA! is a one-of-a-kind production that will leave audiences in awe," reports Beijing media. This visually stunning show follows the heroic quest of LongLong, a warm and caring panda, on an adventurous mission to rescue his beloved Peacock Princess from the malicious Demon Vulture, who has kidnapped her on their wedding day. In the face of desperation, LongLong seeks counsel from Immortal Old Man, who prepares him for the dangerous mission to save his true love.

PANDA! features high-flying acrobatics from artists of the China National Acrobatic Troupe, sensational Masters from the Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kung Fu, stirring music and beautiful dance. This exquisite production transports audiences to a mythical realm of Far Eastern folklore, amidst a backdrop of sensational imagery featuring a massive state of the art multilayered LED wall. It's a rescue story, a dream story, a Chinese story, an American story, a story for the entire world.

Tickets can also be purchased soon at any Venetian/Palazzo Box office or by calling 702.414.9000.
Link to The Venetian - Las Vegas

2011 October - Chi of Shaolin at La TOHU

Performing at the La TOHU Pavillion
October 8 2011

撮影: Peter Ferst 由著名中国杂技演 員和导演赵燕燕創作井监 制的《少林气功/:龙之传. 説》継续在蒙特利尔上 演,直至 10 月8日結束。刺激亨受,不容错过。请看本披摄影记者 Peter Ferst 用鏡 头捕捉的精 彩瞬間。订票电活 514376-TOHU (8648), 1888 376-TOHU (8648)演出地点: TOHU, 2345Jarry Est 地鉄: Jarry 換乗公交 193路往东,或 地鉄D' IBERVILLE 换乗 94路公交往北。

2011 September - Chi of Shaolin at La TOHU

Performing at the La TOHU Pavillion
September 27 2011

La TOHU accueille des acrobates chinois

...à la suite d'un cambriolage qui a mal tourné, est recueilli par un moine. À son arrivée au Temple, il entreprend un apprentissage qui le mènera sur le chemin de la transformation intérieure.
Les chorégraphies s'inspirent notamment du Chi Kong, une technique de rééquilibrage corporel pratiquée par les moines Shaolin depuis plus de 2000 ans.

2011 September - Chi of Shaolin at Markham Theatre

Performing at the Markham Theatre
September 22-24 2011

A Production of Guy Caron of Cirque du Soleil's Ka and Dralion and Yan Yan Zhao

Enjoy edge-of-your seat action, amazing displays of the legendary Gung Fu and Wushu Martial Arts skills of the Shaolin Monks, vibrant costumes, illusions and spellbinding array of celebrated Chines acrobatics, a theatrical production that will captivate and dazzle audiences of all ages.

2011 September - Chi of Shaolin at La TOHU

Performing at the La TOHU Pavillion
September 12 2011

Les arts martiaux au service de la poésie

Montréal, le 12 septembre 2011 – Tout simplement renversant! Le spectacle Chi of Shaolin : Tale of the Dragon, bientôt présenté à la TOHU, ravira le public montréalais ! Sur scène, 13 artistes - 8 hommes maîtres en arts martiaux et 5 magnifiques acrobates féminines – en mettent plein la vue dans ce spectacle où les chorégraphies s’inspirent notamment du Chi Kong – technique de rééquilibrage corporel pratiquée par les moines Shaolin depuis plus de 2000 ans. Il faut dire que les acrobates chinois commencent très jeunes leur apprentissage, pas étonnant qu’ils soient considérés comme les meilleurs au monde ! Créé par Yan Yan Zhao, elle-même acrobate hors pair ayant entre autre travaillé avec le Cirque du Soleil, la production est placée sous la direction artistique de Guy Caron, également du Cirque du Soleil. Le compositeur bien connu Scott Price signe la musique.

2010 January - RenoTahoe.com

Performing in Reno - Circus acts offer global talent
Circus Circus - 500 N Sierra St., 775-329-0711
Circus acts on Midway: Imperial Acrobats of China
     The six young women appearing as the Imperial Acrobats of China at Circus circus also display daring displays of balance. They speed across the stage on unicycles, flipping and catching bowls on their heads.
     The troupe, ranging in age form 16 to 22, performs three acts that include unicycles, bicycles and diabolo, a juggling prop of a spool anda string tied to sticks and known as "the devil on two sticks."
     The troupe originates from Beijing, and the members are Wen Juan Zhao, Kaixi Yu, Ma Yu, Shash Kong, Ying Mei Sun and Ming Xing Gu. Their teacher/trainer is Yi Zhao.

2009 - Jungua

Jungua - Decendents of the Dragon

The Imperial Acrobats of China

2008 October - JUNGUA at the Webb Center

Performing at the Webb Center
SUN, OCT 19, 2008, 3:00 PM
MON, OCT 20, 2008, 7:30 PM

Presented with support from Jane and Jeff Deming

Travel back in time with Jungau's Shaolin Disciples and Imperial Acrobats in this heart-pounding spectacular. This family friendly show features China's finest acrobats and martial artists with beautiful scenery, lavish costumes and authentic props and weaponry. With graceful agility and acute precision, Jungua sheds light on the mystique of the Far East and brings its essence to life.

2008 October - Jungua at the Yavapai College

Performing at the Cerritos Center
FRI, OCT 17, 2008, 7:30 PM

JUNGUA CO-SPONSORS: City of Prescott/Acker Trus, The Daily Courier, Prescott Noon Lions Foundation Inc. & PACE

Jungua - Descendents of a Dragon celebrates the Chinese culture in an explosion of kung fu, acrobatics, music, and dance. Dramatic scenery, authentic props, and lavish costumes create a feast for the eyes. The amasing skills of China's finest acrobats and martial arts masters combine with modern staging, exciting choreography and dramatic music and lighting to stimulate the senses.

2008 November - Jungua at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center

At the Mattie Kelly Arts Center
November 8 2008

Imagine a wall dividing the West from the East. The mystery of that which lies beyond inspires a strangely exciting curiosity. As the fog parts, a single opening, round as the full moon, appears in the barrier. A lone figure stands silhouetted in the portal. an obstruction? An invasion? Or rather, perhaps, an invitation? Yes, that's it. His lighted staff becomes a beacon, welcoming us to another world, another point of view. With slight apprehension and yet great anticipation, we enter the Moon Gate...

The rich culture and traditions of the Chinese people have inspired every aspect of this production. Mostly, however, it is inspired by the artists themselves. They are amazing, talented, generous souls. In basic form, the acrobatic acts and martial arts presented this evening were created centuries ago and have been improved and perfected over time. We set out to compliment these traditional visuals with a contemporary style of stage direction, at once preserving the time honored traditions inherent in the material and also making the material accessible to audiences spanning diverse cultural and generational perspectives. In other words, whoever you are and wherever you come from, please enjoy the show!

2008 January - Reno Entertainment

Catch the newest acrobats from China on the Midway
January 2008

Riding a bicycle while standing on the seat. Catching a spinning spool on a thin string after completing a flip. Bending your body into unimaginable positions. Those may sound like impossible feats, but for members of the Imperial Acrobats of China, those are just a daily occurrence. Now you can see this young and talented troupe of performers at Circus Circus Reno. These eight pixie acrobats from china perform dazzling displays of balance, bravery, and speed.

The troupe was formed by producer Yan yan in 2005 at her company in Beijing. Yan yan's impressive background includes owning her own acrobat company in China and working with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil.

2007 December - Jungua at Grand Sierra Resort

In the Grand Theatre
December 26-30 2007

Cirque-style acrobatics, ancient kung fu and dynamic music and dance combine to create an innovative explosion of artistry in this incredible stage show featuring the Shaolin Jungfu Monks of the FaWang Temple and the Imperial Acrobats of China.

The acrobats from the Imperial Acrobats of China carry on an acrobatic tradition that dates back several centuries, to which they have added many innovative movements. Their dexterity in performing contortions, hand-to-hand, juggling and the aerial disciplines is legendary.

2007 September - Jungua at La TOHU

Performing at the La TOHU Pavillion
September 18-30 2007

JUNGUA - Descendents of the dragon pays tribute to Chinese culture with an explosion of kung fu, acrobatics, contortions and dance. World-class artists, innovative choreography, spectacular specialities, evocative music and traditional costumes that boast amazing extravagance. All the finesse and intensity but a few of the best acrobats and masters of the Chinese martial arts. A hybrid somewhere between ancient Chinese cultural traditions and a modern production focused upon a unique notion: displaying treasures from China. The martial arts technique of the Shaolin Kungfu monks was developed in the heart of the Shaolin temple, 1,500 years ago and spread rapidly widened to other Buddhist monasteries across China.

2007 June - Jungua at Harrahs Casino and Hotel

Performing in the Fiesta Showroom
June 12-16 2007

For information and to purchase tickets visit www.harrahslaughlin.com or call (702) 298-8510).

With: Duan Haojie, G Ying, Gao Lei, Wang Lulu, Li Pengfei, Si Yongshuai, Tian Shengting, Wang Xiaolei, Wang Sinan, Zheng Rui, Wu Yumeng and Zhou Mengyu

Creator, producer, director and production designer: Mark Edward McGuire / Producer, assistant director, acrobatic trainer and production manager: Yan Yan Zhao / Beijing Acrobatic Troupe leader: Zhao Yugui / Shaolin Kungfu trainer: Wang Haiying / Choreographer: Ming Ming / Guest Choreographer: Li Chi / Lighting designer: Yang Hao / Costumes design and construction: Zhang Li / Scenery Construction: Fang Yuankai / Production assistant: Jin Fei / Original music: Scott Price

Recommended age: 7 years old and older
Duration: 90 minutes

2007 February - World Class Circus Shows

Performing at CIRCUS CIRCUS
FREE World Clas circus Shows - Featuring the Imperial Acrobats of China

2006 April - GoToRenoTahoe.com "Best Bets"

New troupe continues old circus tradition

A new troupe of Imperial Acrobats of China are performing on the Circus Circus Midway stage. These six, pixie acrobats perform feats of balance and speed. The troupe is made up of six girls ages 14 through 17: Yuan Yuan, Junhua, Yaju, dan Dan, Shasha and Hezhen.

The troupe performs three acts: foot juggling, unicycle and diabolo.

The foot-juggling show consists of Junhua using her feet to juggle objects such as a large pot as well as her partnet.

Yaju performs on the unicycle, balancing above the Midway stage.

All six girls perform the diabolo act. A diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks, one held in each hand.

2004 September - Entertainment for all ages

Downtown Reno

For more than 10 years, Circus Circus has auditioned and selected the world's best Chinese acrobats for performances in Reno. Yan Yan Zhao, a renowned performer who has graced Circus Circus stages in the past, has assisted in the selection of the acrobats and acted as producer for many of the acts from China.

"I go to China, and spend months auditioning acrobatic troupes across the country," Zhao says. "I only want the best, because my audiences in Reno expect the best from Circus Circus."

2004 April - Cache Creek "Best Bets"

Cache Creek - Grand Opening

After years of public debate and construction, the $200 million Cache Creek Casino and resort opens today.
A grand opening of the casino resort will take place in June. Visitors to the casino today were able to take in the expanded casino, nightclub and four of the eight restaurants.
Dancers dressed colorfully performe during Sunday night's opening of the Cache Creek Casino and resort.

2004 March - Circus Circus

Imperial Acrobats of China return to Circus Reno stage

For centuries, the Chinese have been renowned for not only their acrobatics abilities, but also more so, for their determination to bring artistic expression and not just strength to acrobatics. As a result, watching Chinese acrobats perform is akin to watching a contemporary ballet performed by classically trained dancers.

2003 - Circus Circus

Circus Circus Hotel-Casino features daily circus acts.

Circus performances include flying trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers, high-wire walkers, clowns and more. Carnical games, video arcade, snack bars, restaurants and gift shops are housed in the hotel-casino.

2001 August - Newspaper article

Strength and beauty

Chinese Acrobats bring excitement to Midway Stage

Thirty years ago, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino broke down a barrier in what was then a conservative, adult-driven industry by offering enternainment for the entire family.

Since then, most hotel-gamin properties have learned the wisdom of offering entertainment and amenities for children of all ages. It can argued, though, that Circus Circus still does it best. After all, everyone loves a circus.

Acrobats have always held a prominent place in circuses, and a few months ago, Circus Circus-Reno unveiled an amazing, new troupe of guest acrobats from China. The Imperial Acrobats of China – a troupe of incredible, young athletes – have a 2,500 year tradition in the art form.

Mark McGuire, the entertainment director for Circus Circus –reno, has visited China repeatedly looking for circus talent. Last year, as in prior years, he attended the Chinese National Acrobatics Arts Fest. Cities from all over the country, each with its own large acrobatic troupe, send their best acts to the week-long competition. This year one team stood out – an 11-perons troupe from the city of Tianjin. “This particular group is just sensational,” McGuire said.

1999 May - Beijing Siblings

Beijing Siblings Put On Spectacular Performances

It seems that the unicycle and bicycle were build for the Zhao family of Beijing, china. after watching Yan Yan and Tan Yang Zhao perform their unique and spectacular cycle riding exhibitions, you would agree that pedaling machines were meant for the Zhaos.
The sister-brother act has been one of the dozen stellar, world-class acts performing at Circus Circus Hotel/Casio-Reno. The duo is happy to be back in Reno after a year's run at Circus Circus-Las Vegas.

1996 - Gold Medal

Yan Yan and Yan Ping Zhao

"Ladies and Gentelmen, the winners of the Gold Medal at the International Circus Festival in Paris, France.... Yan Yan and Yan Ping Zhao!"

With an enormous smile and a wave, Yan Ping rides onto stage on his two wheel bicycle, moving faster and faster around the small circus stage before popping on to one wheel and leaping onto the front of the handlebars, riding the two-wheeler like a unicycle. Then Yan Yan joins him on stage and the brother-sister team shift into an athletic, acrobatic, cycle-syncopation.

Third generation performers, Yan Yan and Yan Ping were trained on the bicycle and unicycle by their parents and Grandparents who were ranked #1 in China. The duo practiced 8 to 12 hours a day under the supervision and support of the Chinese Government. A discipline which started them on a successful road across the world.

They performed with such popular names as Circ du Solei, Walt Disney World, Sea World and Knotts Berry Farm. The Beifjing born duo performed in a total of 38 countries before bringing their talents to our Circus Circus properties in 1993. Yan Yan and Yan Ping spent a year and a half in Reno and came to Las Vegas in 1995.

1986 - Cique du Soleil

Trick Cycling

All three members of the Zhao family are natives of China's capital, Beijing. These superb acrobats will be performing the incredible bicycle routine that won them the gold medal at the 1986 World "Circus of Tomorrow" Festival in Paris.

The Cirque du Soleil is proud to present these three stunning performers.