Yan Yan Zhao
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MPY International, LLC (1994-present) Las Vegas, Nevada
Imperial Entertainment, LLC (1995-present) Las Vegas, Nevada.  Founded the International Entertainment LLC and staged hundreds of shows for audiences throughout the world.

In the past 25 years, MPY and about 240 acrobats from more than 10 organizations worked together and staged Chinese acrobatics.

Designed and produced the following gala evening shows in America, Canada, France, Switzerland, Cirque Phenix and at Muscat Royal Opera House (ROHM) in Oman:
JUNGUA – Descendents of the Dragon (A) (2008)CHI OF SHAOLIN-The Tale of the Dragon (B) (2011) – with Guy Caron from Cirque du Soleil as artistic director
TOUCH OF ASIA – 2020 (90-minute show with artists coming from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and etc.)

Served as a jury member at the 18th Moscow International Youth Festival-Contest in Circus Arts (2019)

In the past 25 years, MPY has, with its world-class creativity and talents, trained for and delivered a large number of world-class acrobats to such internationally renowned organizations as Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Circus, Ice Age (Holland), Swiss Circus, Sprit Production (London), etc.  

MPY worked with acrobatic artists from all over the world in the world-renowned Circus Circus Casino & Hotel both in Las Vegas and Reno (1993-present)

Staging entire set of acrobatic acts at Cache Creek Casino Resort in Northern California since the founding of the casino (2009-present)

Joined the team of Franco Dragone and served as acrobatics coach.  Created such significant shows as O Show, the House of Dancing Water and the Le Reve, Han Show, Dai Show. (2015)

Performed for U.S. President Richard M. Nixon during his historic visit to China (1972).

Beijing Acrobatic Troupe (1972-1988)

Trio Bike Skills from Family Zhao (Yan Ping Zhao, Yan Yang Zhao and Yan Yan Zhao) won the “Second Prize” in the First National Acrobatic Competition held in China in 1984.

Won the Prix du President de la Republique (Gold Medal) by 9th International Competition “Cirque de Demain” in Paris, France. (1986)

Participated in the performances of Cirque du Soleil of Canada. (1986-1987)

Conferred the title and certificate of the First-Class National Performer issued by China’s Ministry of Culture.  In the same year, joined China Association of Acrobats. (1988)
The acrobatic act “Unicycle” was filmed by the China Film Studio.  It is the very first movie shot in China about acrobatics. (1973)

Went to perform in 48 countries and regions.

Graduated from Beijing Municipal Medium-Level Occupational Art School (1987)

Studied Japanese for 1.5 years at International Asahi College Institute, Tokyo, Japan (1988-1989). 

Finished study in Tokyo in 1990.  At the invitation of Disney World of USA, went to perform in Orlando, Florida.  Got on a performance tour of the entire USA during 1990-2000 and participated in the live broadcast by CNN, NBC, Comedy Channel and NBA.

Staged shows in Broadway, Hollywood, Lincoln Center, Branson, Atlantic City, Tahoe and Las Vegas.

Became a U.S. citizen as an outstanding talent (2000)